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I used to like puppies.

But unicorns can shit rainbows.
When i kill it ill steal its horn
» The Life of Sin


i think it may be over.

the ship might have sailed its somber journey into-sea.

Is it over between you and me?

I think it may be over, 

yet we came so far. 

id travel on plane, by train on car.

 to see you again and hold you with glee….

But i think it may be over, I wont  be the same without ye.

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a-v-ocat said: I like your writing, you have a very unique style, Its good!

Marijuana and hashish strictly organic ftw ^_^


i have a desire to inspire.

i have a desire to fight

i have a desire to know, what lies in the night.

Some may shudder, some may fear.

Darkness all over, no light is near.

Upon this journey i have often thought.

The darkness is often, more ordinary than taught.

Nothing to fear,

nothing to say.

The darkness is peace, 

the mother of day

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come hiter

yo yo yo

my name is joe.

i once found a hoe.

stuck her up for her doe.

didnt have no moral bout it yo.

cuz my name is joe.

and i found that hoe.

my name is Jack

yes i do smoke crack.

some call me wack.

but i am jack.

so i will smoke crack.

and i will sit back.

and hack.

my crack, all day

For I am Jack 

and i smoke crack

and i am Jack, okay?

Now what do these two, have in common to you? 

"Nothing" , one might say. 

But youll find it to be true ; what i am about to say to you.                                         

is that joe and jack are okay. They made their choice, had their voice and have lost it all in vain.

For this fact is true.

i do implore to you, choose choices wisely because the pain,  

will only be felt.

When the cards have been dealt, and you’re slowly becoming insane.

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callpizzahutquick said: I really like your poems btw

sank you :) theyre just random thoughts in my minds :)


Far and wide

high and near.

small but large.

stand still

please fear.

I propose,

or maybe i chose?

but as i was saying,  in my mind 

a beautiful plan so brilliant and kind

had hatched and see, that organism that ye call she is not really thee.

i dont know where im going or where ive gone.

but i propose, or maybe chose, the path im on.

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Trippin out mayneee - said the yellow door

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Rocky Road.

Its’ been a while.
                            Yes, i know.
I’ve been upon a Rocky Road.
                                                I traveled far, and traveled near.
Slippery slopes, wild creatures came near.

and though task, daunting may seem to never end.

This Rocky Road’s been conquered my friend.

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Business based Existentialism (jibber jabber flabber gwhat)


well then you’d have to eat me.

Feelings of nothingness, pure absurdity.

The events on Earth, random, unkind.

No real defined morals, man exists before he is defined.

So i see it normal


which is clearly just me saying i will over take you,

because within morals, defined by me

Getting ahead, getting that bread.

The only thing i need.



but know that is does indeed affect all of man kind.

one day ill meet a younger face, motivation in eyes, morals defined.

set on EATING ME  

maybe, my choice is to face the final absurdity. 

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silly bands

Rubber in shapes.
Elastic bands.
Worn on wrist
held in hands.
Silly shapes.
colours too
Grapes and capes and dinosaurs too!

I love these bands so functional its true
i can wear them on writs in hair on cash or fling them at you.

So leave me be.
leave me alone.
im creating a silly band play in the middle of my home.

theres a dragon, a princess, a knight and a shark.

Im going to call it Noah and build that princess an ark.

I like to rhyme, but thats another story dude.

For tonight im just in the right,
Im in that silly band mood. 

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nonononononononoyesnonononono said: omfg can i have your url its my initials and its perfect and i need it PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE



when my browser thinks im going to type something, it does it for me.
Technology has gotten so “mindless” its boring, i remember soaring through pages, handbooks, guides y’know, because technology used to be hard and cold…

When my phone rings a tune, that i hear in a song, its stuck in my mind, and i cant go wrong. So i sing it here, i sing it there, the song in my head, is sung without care.

until you said hi

then it all stopped cuz see i was surprised, brought out of thought.

Now all im thinking about is that song.

youre not in my mind, no surprise, no alarm. 

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everything that you thought

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Its just like

what the fuck am i supposed to do.

It is weird, what i feared, has sadly come true.

Treated Differently, like one said one would be treated not.

its just like wtf am i supposed to to, Man this shit really fucking sucks 

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Fell, fallen, falling.
words to describe myself

Its not the crumbling mind,
nor my ailing health.

Im falling, ive fallen fell into my self.

and its something i never wish upon you
because if you cant see it inside im blue..

Fell into myself. Through and though im falling,
ive fallen into you 

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